Healthcare Valet Solutions

You bring your patients top-notch care when they visit your facility. At FC Valet, we are here to ensure your patients and guests feel safe and cared for from the moment they pull up to your property until they depart.

Healthcare Valet In the Time of COVID-19

We are keeping our team and your guests safe with an infection control process developed with and blessed by the nation’s top healthcare providers. Valet and parking attendants:

  • follow a specialized flowchart for guest interaction
  • have customer location-specific signage in place
  • use approved PPE and sanitation materials throughout the parking process

We’re making valet parking safer than ever!

Why Valet Parking for Hospitals?

  • Enhances the patient or guest experience
  • Reduces congestion, organizes traffic flow, and streamlines arrival
  • Replaces the stress involved in searching for parking with a warm, effortless welcome
  • Optimizes parking to allow guest access to the closest self-park spaces
  • Maximizes parking space by efficiently parking vehicles and stacking vehicles when needed

Why FC Health?

Established in 1998, FC Health is a leader in parking and hospitality services. With a team of over 600 employees, we provide parking and hospitality service to over 100 distinguished  healthcare facilities, restaurants, country clubs, hotels, and more.

FC Health offers a suite of health care parking management and hospitality staffing services focused on improving safety while enhancing the patient experience. We have an exceptional track record of both service delivery and cost savings at healthcare facilities across the United States.

We pride ourselves on offering the most up to date technology available in the industry to improve service delivery, efficiency, and transparency. We created a valet parking software system that captures data on mobile devices utilized by our front-end valet leaders. With these elements under control, you can focus on your facility while we focus on the parking:

  • Paperless & Contactless
  • GPS Verified Time & Attendance tracking
  • Point of sale revenue collection
  • Real-time program activity and productivity reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Text-in vehicle retrieval
  • Automated service survey
  • Revenue control

Our service philosophy is simple. We work to improve people’s days. In a healthcare service environment, we are often meeting our customers for the first time on an emotional day. Our job is to lessen their stress by taking away parking-related anxieties, and provide warm, caring customer service throughout that process.

Please call or send a message today to find out how FC Valet can help improve your guests’ experience!

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Our People

We always say that we can train someone to park cars, but we can’t train them to care. This is especially important when it comes to the extra level of care necessitated for hospital valet services.

We dedicate a significant portion of our resources to recruiting, training and development of our team members. 

Our valet professionals all possess the intangible qualities of incredible work ethic, passion, and integrity.

We hope to have the opportunity to improve the patient experience at your facility.